Well, it is Saturday my baking day and I had no idea what cupcake I wanted to try. I looked at my books and I scanned the internet. I went to Alpineberry’s site and I found a recipe for Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes! I love Boston Cream pie, so I decided to give a try.

  • The recipe instructs you to strain the pastry cream for the cupcakes, I put my my pastry cream in a mesh strainer and none of the cream would go through. I guess I let it get a little to thick, not really sure.
  • The “naked” cupcake tasted really great and the texture was ok

  • The Pastry cream alone tasted really nice
  • I used a pastry bag to put the filling in my cupcakes (I love doing this)

  • I used Bitter-Sweet Chocolate for my Chocolate Ganache icing, and I should have used Semi-sweet. I feel the icing is just to strong.
  • I dipped my cupcakes into the icing, my first time using this technique and I love the way they look.

  • Tried to make a little dusting with powdered sugar and it just clumped up on the cupcake, not sure what that is all about.

If you would like to give this recipe a try be sure to check out Alpineberry’s blog for instructions and Chockylit’s site for the ganache.

Take A Bite! 🙂