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My Godson Roman (below) needed a batch of Chocolate Christmas cupcakes. He loves to lick the chocolate icing, off of the cake.

Roman, My Godson

So, I wanted to find a recipe that was simple to make and yummy. My first look is always Chockylit’s site for a good recipe. Well there it was Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cupcake with Coconut Buttercream Frosting54. Click on the links for the recipe.

The Cupcakes

  • Used Organic butter
  • Used my new fancy vanilla
  • I did not add the espresso powder
  • created a chocolate butter-cream type of icing
  • tried to create a white chocolate glaze 😦
  • Sprinkles 🙂 & Sugar Crystals on some 🙂
  • Santa Pics

I found that the cupcakes were not too dense and not too soft. Just right.

The Icings


I understand in baking it is a science and you need to be precise. When it comes to my icing I just feel like that is more like cooking and not baking, so I try to do my own thing a little bit.

I boiled 1 cup of heavy cream, chopped up a bar of Chocolate, poured the hot heavy cream over the chocolate. Then, I added powdered sugar for days. How much? I have no clue. Then I pulled out my hand mixer!!! I have not used this in years. I beat my icing until it was thick enough to go into a bag to decorate the cupcakes.

White Chocolate

I did the same thing with the bar of white chocolate as I did with the regular chocolate minus the powdered sugar. It was more like a glaze and have a very light taste. I think I need to find a recipe for this, because it just did not come out the way I envisioned it.

Someone who tried the cupcakes with the white choco glaze really liked it, they must be into bland.

Photo Above: White Chocolate glaze