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I quick made a batch of Banana Cupcakes with chocolate chips a couple of nights ago.   I was getting the itch because I got a new cupcake book.  I went for something easy!  Well, everyone at work loved them!  I did not think people would really like them, since it was so easy.  Lesson learned: Easy can taste good!  I won’t post this recipe, because I did not make one change except for a little oops on my part.  I  mixed the sugar in with the flour, instead of beating the sugar with the eggs, and then adding the flour.  They  still came out light and moist!   The Book is by Julie Hasson, I love that she uses Buttermilk in many of her recipes.  I think buttermilk makes the cupcake more tender and less dense.  I used the cream cheese icing in her book, and I made the icing a pastel green with my food coloring.  Why pastel green?  I have no idea, just wanted to try it.  🙂

Banana Cupcakes with Choco Chips