I decided to make cupcakes for a New Years Eve party that I attended. I wanted to make Champagne Cupcakes and Mojito cupcakes. Everything was going really well with the Champagne cupcakes, I followed the Gail Wegman recipe, from Cupcakes Galore. I had my taste tester taste the batter, and yummy, is what I heard. Then I folded in the egg whites that I beat until they were stiff and not dry. The consistency changed and it just looked wrong. Well, I put them in the oven, let them cook. They came out so nice, and moist. I take a bite, I wanted to throw up! The taste was like ~ If you are faint at heart or can’t deal with graphic material please skip the next line:

drinking the throw up after a bad hangover – UGh!!!! ~

I spit out the cupcake, and dumped them in the garbage. 😦 I was pissed! So, I started to check to see what I had in the house to make a different type of cupcake. I had raisins and rum. Mojito and Rum Raisin cupcakes, it was. Check out Part 2!

* If you would like the champagne cupcake recipe, shoot me an email.  Maybe you can tell me where I went wrong!

The “stiff” Egg Whites