I went to Philly this weekend to celebrate a birthday!  We went to Chifa for dinner and it was awesome!  If you ever have the opportunity to go you should.

Check out the Pork Belly!

Pork Belly

OK, so while I was in Philly a friend tracked down a Cupcake Shop!  The place was really cute.  They keep their cupcakes in antique Armories.

I did not take photos inside as I was not sure they would be comfortable with that, and I wanted to make sure to get my cupcakes.  I had the Raspberry White Velvet Cupcake.  It was really good, it need a little more raspberry in the middle, but very yummy.  When in the area check out the cool chicks there and grab a yummy cupcake or the chocolate covered Swedish Fish. <—– Cool right?

Go in, yum yum time