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Well I know that everyone loves peanut butter everything, so I decided to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly cookie.  I went on the hunt looking for the best recipe.  I wanted something not to difficult to make, but still yummy.  So there were a bunch of negative comments on line about the Rachel Ray version of this recipe.  But I refused to believe she would steer me wrong.  So I decided to use her version.  Click here to see the recipe.  So what I did was add a little Vanilla, that was about as innovate as I got.  Here is what happened:

– The peanut butter dough mess was awful, it stuck to my hands and I could not make balls out of it like stated in the directions; I had to use a ice cream scoop, a little one

– The peanut butter was so sticky that when I attempted to press a hole in them my finger would stick and when I would pull it up there was no hole for the jelly – Oh Boy…..

– I did not grease the pan as stated I used parchment, which worked well, but the cookies spread into a monster mess on the sheet, they ran together

It gets better……

I let them cool off forever……. and they still did this



Cookie Mess


It gets better…

THEY SUCK!!!!! The after taste is like baking powder and???????.  Awful!

Needless to say, I was not happy with the outcome.  So I had just enough peanut butter left to try Uncle Mac’s version.

Already better, I can roll the peanut butter in my hand and none of it sticks.  Regular sugar vs Brown sugar…..

The fork method made them look fantastic!  A little jelly and time for the oven……..

They baked nicely, I pull them out they look like regular cookies.

Let them cool…….. It get’s so better



Uncle Mac Cookie


And they tasted yummy, they are rich with just enough crunch.  I was very very happy and I suggest anyone looking to make a peanut butter and jelly cookie to use his recipe. I followed everything to a T, but I used really good products.

  • Nielsen-Massey Vanilla
  • King Arthur Organic Flour
  • Jif PB?  Hey it is pretty good lol



That's how you eat them


Uncle Mac’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookie – Great quick cookie, and fun for kids.  Nothing fancy, but a yummy cookie!