As much as I love True Blood, is as much as I can’t stand Bill and Sookie!  Sookie just gets on my nerves and to find out she is a*SPOILER*

silly Fairy!!  I can’t believe it.  When Sookie said that was lame, that was about the only thing I agree with her on. Really, a fairy????  Come on, can’t we do better than that.  Sookie better do what she can to save my man, Eric.

Ok, and why oh why must we give Tara more drama and tell her that Jason shot Eggs!!  Is that needed, poor thing, but she is a great actress!

Sookie!(say it like Bill now!)

My love!  Eric, he can do no wrong, I don’t care what he does.  Sookie is a fool if she does not let Eric do whatever it is he needs to do!!!  I would go straight for Eric, I’m just saying…..

All day, everyday!!!