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We started out with a dining room that was awful and it has been through many changes, and there are still many to come.  I only have the first and third phase in photos.  The second phase was a very old fashioned table and really too much for us.  It took up too much room.

We have now tried to make it a little more modern.  We know there is a lot more we can do, but it is by far one of our most favorite rooms in the house!

Dining Room Before (About 4.5 years ago)

Our main piece of furniture is the cabinet that we purchased from Ikea.  We love it!  It has a wine rack inside and it holds so much.  Our table and chairs are from Crate and Barrel.  The side furniture is from West Elm.  That piece we decorate really nice when we entertain!(Not Pictured)

The Ikea piece is  a 3 row cabinet.  I have only posted some of it, because it is full of family photos.

Here are few photos of other pieces in the room.  I have left out a couple of other prints.  I will post those at another time.  We also have no idea of the paint color that we used and our next upgrade is to change the floor to a darker color.  We are over the light floors.

Coasters are from Pier 1 and the nature artwork is from Target.  The light was purchased at a local light store.

So there you have it, that is our dining room.  It has come a long way, this is phase 3!  We are eventually going to upgrade the floor to a darker color when we change the floors in the rest of the home and change the light.  I think it is too small. 😦

Now for my favorite my part, my little rug that I found at Target!  I love rugs and yes, I had to have one in the dining room as well.  I am not sure if that is outdated or not, but I love it!