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I love Top Chef, why must it come on at 10 pm???  Anywho, the right person went home last night.  I think Amber had great skills when it comes to developing flavor in her food, but she misses the little things, like keeping your tuna tarta looking fresh!   

Bye Amber ~ You did a good job!

Ok, so now who do I love, Tiffany, love her and I want to eat what she cooks so bad!   Ed, is too cute and funny, and I think he knows what’s up in the kitchen.  I would have loved for him and Tiffany to hook-up, but they have love at home.  Kevin, I have to like him, he is from NJ and if he does nothing else right, he keeps it real!  He brings NJ to DC Top Chef, I love it. (fight fight fight) lol  I want to like Kelly Liken, I just don’t.  She seems to be full of herself at times, and I saw her on Iron Chef.  Iron Chef to Top Chef, I don’t know I feel like she has a leg up on some of the other folks.  Now for Angelo…..annoying, was full of himself, now he is a mess.  Also, can we cut the crap with the Russian”beard”!!!  What is his story???  Can he cook?  For sure!  Is he likeable, not to me.    I can’t wait to see who goes next week, in my mind it needs to be my NJ guy. 😦    I am thinking Tiffany is going to take it home and win against Ed!  Oh that would be awesome!!



     My Vote for final two Ed and Tiffany!