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Wow!  What a weekend!  I will explain in my next post how frustrating it has been baking this weekend!  I have been obsessed with making Cake~pops all weekend.  Well there was some CAKE DRAMA there!

I have been in and out of blogs all weekend looking for something yummy to bake!  Well I found it.  Nutella Brownies, yes I have an obsession with Nutella!  Savory Sweet life posted a recipe that only needs 4 ingredients!  That is what I like sweet and simple!

If you like brownies, easy, Nutella, this is  thing for you.  I won’t post the recipe here.  But let me tell you more , when I say 4, I really mean 4.  Flour, egg, Nutella, and Hazlenuts!  Make sure you have a mini cupcake pan or at least mini cupcake liners.  I would also suggest you use a small ice cream scooper to fill your pan.  It calls for 12 mins in the oven.  It seemed really gooey at 12 mins with no crumbs, so I let it go a little longer.  I think I should have stopped at 12 mins.  I would suggest using two 6 cup pans, and get your timing right with the first 6.

If you are looking for the recipe, no fear, click here!