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Well well well….I got the Cakepop bug!  I went over to Bakerella’s site, and I fell in love with her creations.  I have been thinking all week about making these pops.  I just knew I could do it!  CAKE DRAMA!!  For some reason it seems harder for me to work with cake mix, than to make items from scratch.  I started my weekend by baking a Red Vevlet cake using a box mix.  I followed all of the instructions from Bakerella’s site.  I placed them in the fridge overnight, and they were still too smooshy to roll in the chocolate.  Well I was done, I was so upset!  Dried the tears, and started again.  This time I went with just yellow cake mix.  My taste-tester had to come and help me, with the second round.  This time we used less frosting and we did not use a spoon.  We put our cake balls in the freezer, this made them sooooo much easier to work with. I also attempted the cupcake pop, I was unable to get the shape using the cookie cutter!  If anyone has any tips that would be great!  Ugh!

My Cake-Pops

Cake pops Pros & Cons

  • Fun, fun to make
  • Almond Bark very hard to locate in NJ (Walmart)
  • Cake Pops are so cute, and you can use your imagination and go wild!
  • Almond Bark super sweet
  • Candy Melt does not spread very nice, you have to use a lot and just dip the ball into it
  • Cupcake Pop – For me seems very hard to master, I just can’t get the cupcake shape even with the right cookie cuter 😦

My goal, is to continue making these pops and trying to be very creative!  No one does it like Bakerella, she is da bomb@ (slang for very good at her craft) lol lol